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NEW ARTICLE - "Ipsalateral Movement and Better Balance"

"For all of my clients I discovered using ipsalateral* and rocking movements to be invaluable. I use them in all my workshops whether participants are standing or sitting, sometimes even lying down."  Read more ....

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What Transition Point Can Do For You

Find the joy of self-responsibility and action. Develop lasting changes in fundamental abilities, create order, balance, and pleasure in your life. Release fears, overcome procrastination and move beyond obstacles in your path. Discover interests, passions and forgotten strengths.

Individual Sessions

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Transition Point is a realization that there is a need for change, the point of beginning to pass from one place to another.

Life Transitions

  • Personal Growth
  • Goal Setting & Actualizing
  • Life Crisis
  • Support
  • Independence

Learning and Developmental Challenges

  • Academic
  • Professional
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Trauma
  • Performance