About Pam

Pam Whitman, M.A., began her journey of self-growth and discovery using music and movement during childhood. Soon she realized her life had nothing to do with “growing up” but everything to do with “self-growth.” During her undergraduate years at Drake University, she focused on singing, finding the power of expression, flow and presence. She went on to perform in the US and internationally. Several years later Pam was introduced to Brain Gym by Dr. Carla Hannaford. Incorporating Brain Gym movement with her music experiences was symbiotic genius. Intentional movement brought speed, effectiveness and potential, and became a part of her daily life.

As a budding senior, Pam realized that she wanted to continue to live life joyfully and actively. Through her own experience and that of the older adults she was working with plus understanding the connection to brain stimulation, growth and sense of well being, she created Brain Boosters. Brain Boosters for Boomers is a hit with older adults for better balance, mobility, concentration, memory, energy levels, sleep and focus.

Pam served on the Brain Gym International Foundation Board and received the Outstanding Achievement award. Fueled by her passion to enhance her life and the lives of others, Pam received a Masters in Holistic Health Education with a Life Coaching emphasis from John F. Kennedy University and certification as a Speaking Circles Facilitator, using Lee Glickstein’s Transformational Speaking approach to overcome the fear of speaking. She acquired many valuable tools including Rhythmic Movement, Masgutova Method Reflex Work, Optimal Brain Organization, Movement Re-Education, Creative Vision, Visioncircles, Systems of Relationships, Ethics & Conflict Resolution, and Mastery of Business.

Pam’s continued determination to provide a balanced approach to mind, body and soul lead her to Jeunesse, a company passionate about developing cutting-edge skin care and supplment solutions while giving back to underprivileged children worldwide and providing unprecedented opportunities for distributors. Join the team >