Unleash the Power to Change Your Life and the Lives Around You – Jeunesse!


Jeunesse has been a major influence in assisting Pam to become a positive leader who wholly supports those who have the desire to work hard and make a positive impact as well.

Jeunesse, a global organization, was founded in September of 2009 by visionaries Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. They were eager to share revolutionary youth enhancement products with the world. In doing so they would have the ability to create a positive impact among people everywhere by helping them look and feel young, which in turn would empower them
to unleash their full potential.

Control your destiny with a plethora of products you will be proud to represent and share with others. Jeunesse offers both skin care and nutritional product lines that are sure to offer you and your clientele the necessary means to reach your full potential.

These innovative, booming, anti-aging products will be just one key aspect to your tremendous success. Juenesse also offers the opportunity to join a FAMILY of
like-minded individuals who you will grow with and cherish for years to come.

Not only does our family work to build a global network of strong, successful J Factor team members, we change lives by giving back and creating a positive global impact.

As a global leader, Jeunesse has a social responsibility to the community. Jeunesse Kids was founded and formed a partnership with Free the Children, to release kids from poverty, assist with education tools and fight against child exploitation.  Free the Children ‘s “Adopt a Village Program” has provided over 650 classrooms for underprivileged youth, provided clean water and health care and sanitation to 1 million individuals around the world.

We would like you to take the opportunity to serve others and make a global difference as well. Let’s change the future of millions to come.

Jeunesse is continually looking to add J Factor team members to our growing FAMILY. We offer all of the necessary tools to attribute to your success and place tremendous pride and welcome all who wish to join our global mission. Won’t you join us in exposing the world to the wonderful advantages of aging fearlessly with Jeunesse products?

To learn more call Pam direct at 925.788.4775 or email pam@transitionpoint.org

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